Wish Me Mell



Full Name

Wish me mell

Japanese Written Name

ウイッシュミーメル (U-i-shu mi me-ru)




September 20th

Star Sign


Character Design by

Miyuki Okumura

Wish me mell (ウイッシュミーメル) is a character franchise debuting December 27, 2010. The series is targeted towards girls age 15-20, who were too shy to express their feelings towards others.

Sanrio stated that her official release describes her as being "withdrawn" and implores her fans to send her as many messages and Tweets as possible to encourage her to show her face.

Personal BiographyEdit

Mell is the main heroine of the series, and is meant to be a character that expresses the feelings every one has, simply stating "Thank you", "I am sorry" or "I like you!", connecting hearts in the process.

Mell is from France, but has lived in Merci Hills for a very long time. She believes she doesn't have any friends to care for her, until the letters sent by everyone reminded her she has friends to support her and decided to leave her egg-shaped house for the first time. She has an owner with a gentle heart who she is obedient to.

Mell's tail is dyed in various pastel colors though it is white in the prologue. She is considered a bit of a scatterbrain, but nevertheless she has a kind and sincere heart. Mell has a crush on Lutz, who once delivered a very special letter to her that opened her heart. Mell has Lutz's red mailbag as a keepsake when he left Merci Hills and went to Kenya, only returning once to see how she's doing.

Mell is guided by Ciel and her mission is to connect the feelings of others as a postman of Merci Hills. She also has an ability to go to the human world by crossing the rainbow in the foot of the Rainbow Post Office.


  • Mell - The main character if the series. White female rabbit from France
  • Ciel - Rainbow Fairy
  • Chico - Purple Cat Girl
  • Poco - White Panda Boy from China
  • Marin - Green and Yellow Turtle Girl from Hawaii
  • Aro - Light Brown Bear Boy from the UK
  • Nina - Green Dragon Girl from Nordic Countries
  • Lou - Pink Koala Boy from Australia
  • Lutz - Yellow Furred and Blue Maned Lion from Kenya
  • Roseanne - Purple Alpaca Girl
  • Maimai - Pink Puppy Girl from Japan
  • Buzzy - Yellow and Black stripped Honey Bee

Media (Television, Books and Games) Edit

Wish me mell (Animated Shorts) Edit

Wish me mell: Stay the Same Edit

Stay the same is a promotional video for Wish me mell, the song sung by Mai Kuraki.

Mell no Yume ni Mukatte Ganbaru Nikki Edit

Wish me mell: Rainbow Colored Words (Story Book) Edit

Gallery Edit

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