Sugarbunnies is a character franchise created by Sanrio in 2004. They originally released the characters as




a duo (Shirousa and Kurousa) who live in a magical world called Bunniesfield.

After their success in selling merchandise, Sanrio created more bunny duos to sell, and even went into creating their own TV Series in 2007.

Characters Edit

Sugarbunnies currently has 18 bunnies in it's franchise, or 9 duos. Each has a special talent or 'job'. For more information on each of these bunnies please see the below list:

- Shirousa and Kurousa (Pâtissier, 2004) Edit

- Hanausa and Momousa (Fleurists, 2004) Edit

- Buchiusa and Mintousa (Glaciers, 2004) Edit

- Aomimiusa and Aousa (Glassblowers and Hard Candy Confectioners, 2004) Edit

- Sutoroberiusa and Bububeriusa (Jam Makers, 2004) Edit

- Rateusa and Kapuchinousa (Baristas, 2004) Edit

- Komugiusa and Pandausa (Bread Bakers, 2004) Edit

- Balletusa and Primausa (Sugarminuet - Ballerinas, 2008) Edit

- Cocoa and Vanilla (Chocolatiers, 2012) Edit

Media (Television, Books and Games) Edit

Sugarbunnies (TV Series) Edit

Sugarbunnies was released as a 2007 Anime TV Series on TV Tokyo and Kids Station.

Sugarbunnies: Chocolat! (TV Series) Edit

This is a sequel to the above show released in 2008.

Sugarbunnies: Fleur (TV Series) Edit

This is the third installment in the series, released in 2009.

Together Sugarbunnies (Manga) Edit

A manga of the series was also released as an adaptation to the TV series.

Gallery Edit

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