Full Name


Japanese Written Name

ミルキミミ (Mi-ru-ki-mi-mi)




October 10th

Star Sign


Milkeemimi (ミルキミミ) is a white rabbit who was created for the Bonbon Ribbon universe.

Personal Biography Edit

Milkeemimi appears as a white rabbit who wears a large pink polka dot ribbon on her ears, and a smaller one on her right wrist. According to the official Sanrio Bonbon Ribbon page [1], Milkeemimi's big eyes are her most stunning feature. She is rather young, but has top notch fashion sense. She looks up to Bonbon Ribbon as a big sister. Her birthday is October 10th, and when the numbers 10 and 10 are placed next to each other, they look just like her big eyes.

Appearances Edit

Bonbon Ribbon (TV Series) Edit

In the series she is a very good friend of Bonbon Ribbon

Bonbon Ribbon: Tokimeki Coord Kira Kira Dance (Nintendo 3DS) Edit

She is featured as one of the playable characters in this Nintendo 3DS game.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

[1] Sanrio Bonbon Ribbon - Official Sanrio website retrieved 2016

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