Mary White

Full Name

Mary "Mama" White


September 14th

Star Sign



London, England

Mary 'Mama' White is the wife of George White and mother to Hello Kitty and Mimmy White.

Fictional Biography Edit

Mary White is kind, caring, and loves to cook. Her apple pie is famous, as she bakes the best in the neighborhood! Hello Kitty got her baking talents for Mama. Roses are her favourite flowers, which Hello Kitty has been known to give her. She is also a very happy individual, although she can become sad and quiet if worrying about her daughters or husband.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mary is a white cat who is always seen in a yellow bonnet and pinkish-red shoes. She often also wears a pink or yellow dress with a white apron. When she is in formal situations, she will wear the same bonnet and shoes, with a dark brown cardigan, and a beige dress. 

Family Edit

Husband - George White

Daughters - Kitty White and Mimmy White

Mother-in-Law - Margaret White

Father-in-Law - Anthony White

Appearances Edit

Filmography and Television Edit

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