The little twin stars live alone in their tiny cloud house! They also have little soft animals that they play cards with and read with! The things in their house include: Bed , oven, mini cloud, and a bunch of stars! The pets that they have are a swan that they travel along the sea with and a unicorn! The other animals aren't pets they are just friends!

Lala points as Kiki stands behind her.

Real Names

Kiki (Boy), Lala (Girl)

Kiki's Skills

Can fly through the sky using the star on his back

Lala's Skills

Cooking. Her soups are amazing!

Kiki's Hobbies/Personality

Loves star-fishing and inventing things. Kiki is very curious and a little cheeky sometimes.

Lala's Hobbies/Personality

Loves drawing and writing poems. Lala is a little timid, and cries easily.

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