Growing Up With Hello Kitty
DVD Cover

Release Date

February 21st 1994




9 minutes approx.

Alternative Titles

Hello Kitty to Issho


Slice of Life, Comedy


G - All Ages

Hello Kitty to Issho were 12 OVA episodes which were released straight to DVD. There are 6 episodes on each volume of disk.

Synopsis Edit

Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy learn to share, eat their vegetables, sleeping by themselves, answer the phone, use proper table manners, and much more. 

Episodes Edit

  • 1. Going to The Bathroom
  • 2. Changing Our Clothes
  • 3. Eating Nicely
  • 4. I Can Share With Friends
  • 5. Sleeping By Ourselves
  • 6. Saying I'm Sorry
  • 7. Cleaning My Mess
  • 8. Replying Properly
  • 9. Talking On the Phone
  • 10. Let's Play Together
  • 11. It's Fun to Help
  • 12. Eating Our Vegetables

Plotlines Edit

No details yet - please add

Characters Edit

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