Full Name

George White


June 3rd

Star Sign


First Appearance


George 'Papa' White is the father of Hello Kitty and Mimmy, and husband to Mary White. George appears as a white cat wearing a shirt, trousers and glasses and often holds a pipe. He drives the White's family car.

George is the backbone of the White household, and works very hard. He has a very dependant nature, working for a trading company with a computer - but always finds time to spend with his family. George also has a humourous, silly side, and can often be a little clumsy.

He bought Kitty her cat Charmmy Kitty on her birthday, and her goldfish on a separate occasion.








Appearances Edit

Games Edit

Hello Kitty Online (HKO) Edit
HKO NPC George01

George can be found in game in London. Together with his wife Mary he is standing at the west exit of London to the left side of the Golden Palace

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