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Fifi is a friend of Hello Kitty, along with Mimmy, Tracey and Tippy. She appears as a white lamb with yellow wool hair, and wears blue, green or a yellow dress.

Fifi is the most energetic of the group by far. She is very active and likes to stay busy organizing fun events or trips to new places.

She is known to be feisty little princess and a chatterbox who doesn't know the meaning of "time out".

Her hobbies and interests include playing house, playing on jungle gyms and slides. Her favorite food is cookies, but she doesn't like mushrooms or bell peppers.

Appearances Edit

Hello Kitty Online (HKO)

HKO NPC Fifi01

Fifi can be found in the online game in London, close to Madam Tussaudes.

Quote: "Hello, adventurer. I hope Kitty's okay."

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