Full Name

Aomimiusa (A-o-mi-mi-u-sa)

Japanese Written Name


Name Meaning

Blue-Earred Bunny


Monday, March 3

Voiced By

Kenji Hamada





Aomimiusa's name means blue-earred bunny and he is part of the Sugarbunnies universe. He was created alongside his twin brother Aousa, who both specialise in making hard candy and drinking glasses.

Personal Biography Edit

Aomimiusa is described on his official Sanrio page as unassuming, and has a calming effect on everyone. He and his brother specialise in making hard candy and drinking glasses, making him a glass maker and confectioner.

Appearances Edit

Sugarbunnies (TV Series)

Aomimiusa befriends Sophia, but seems to live with one of Sophia's friends, along with three other bunnies once they are found out.

Gallery Edit

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